San Francisco Cinematheque Digital Archives

Rights & Reproductions

Permission to use material: San Francisco Cinematheque encourages the use of copyrighted materials in accordance with fair use, as defined by copyright law. Many materials held in Cinematheque’s physical and online archives and collections are protected by copyright and in many cases, Cinematheque does not hold this copyright. 

To request material from Cinematheque’s online collections for use in publications (including use in books, periodicals, films, exhibitions, websites and other uses), please contact Cinematheque staff at Note that further copyright clearance may be needed in order to use material in this manner and would therefore require negotiation with rights holders as well as from Cinematheque (as the owners of the archival material) for such use. Associated access fees may apply to requests for use of material from Cinematheque’s Archives.

Rights/Authorship: Reasonable effort has been made to determine provenance and authorship of materials presented online in Cinematheque's digital archives exhibitions; in some cases, these efforts were inconclusive. If you feel that you are the author, creator or copyright holder of any item in Cinematheque's online collections please contact Cinematheque staff at to discuss proper attribution or confirm permission to publish.