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Other Cinema calendar, 1994

Other Cinema calendar, 1994. Programs include Bueys Bio + Nekes: Ulysses; Found-Footage Festival; and Jost: Angel City + New Student Works.


Other Cinema calendar, Fall 2007

Other Cinema calendar, Fall 2007. Programs include Incredibly Strange Tech/Chicken John + Tesla + UFOs + Cox' Led by Zeppelins; Folk Archival…

"Chip Lord in person" hand-lettered sign

"Chip Lord in person." Hand-lettered sign for Other Cinema’s “Psycho Geography 2” show, featuring Chip Lord’s Greetings from Amarillo (2017) and…

A Drink With Louis by Sam Green sign, circa 2014

"Just added! The world premiere of Sam Green's 'A Drink With Louis' and free 1/4" tape!" handwritten promotional ephemera, circa 2014.

Artists' Television Access calendar, September 2014

Artists' Television Access calendar, September 2014. Includes programs presented by Other Cinema. Programs for September 4th through September 7th…

Artists' Television Access calendar, Spring 1992

Artists' Television Access program cover, Spring 1992. Includes listings of Other Cinema programs. Programs include Bad Utopia; Hitchcock: North by…

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