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    Primary and secondary documents related to the life and work of Bruce Baillie. Folder contains correspondence (hand-written letters, greeting cards, postcards), photocopies photos of Baillie and family, travel information, screening posters and program notes, original typescript of Michael Wallin's essay "For Bruce Baillie: Canyon Cinema's Father, My Dad" (1995), correspondence from Chick Strand, email correspondence, an illustration of Canyon Cinema's first logo, a letter from Baillie to President Bill Clinton (1993), a notice of Baillie's convocation screening at UC Berkeley (1971), grant proposal to the Ford Foundation (1963), film descriptions (including for unfinished films).
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    Primary and secondary documents related to the life of Bruce Baillie. Folder contains photocopied and original photographs, letters to Cinematheque staff, newspaper clippings and reviews, program notes, email correspondence, press releases and screening fliers, resumes, postcards and hand-written letters.
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    Primary and secondary documents relating to the life and work of filmmaker Bruce Baillie, co-founder of San Francisco Cinematheque and Canyon Cinema. Folder includes program notes (for screenings at the Whitney Museum, San Francisco Cinematheque, and elsewhere), letters to SF Cinematheque staff, press clippings and reviews, press releases and program announcements, photocopied photos of Baillie and his family members and friends, published, interviews, filmography and biographical info, and critical essays.
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    Monograph, dedicated to the work of Bruce Baillie. Created by Film in the Cities and Walker Art Center as part of this Filmmakers Filming booklet series. Includes in-depth critical analysis of Baillie's filmmaking. Limited printing.
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    Limited edition zine, created in honor of Bruce Baillie's return to the Bay Area and in conjunction with a week-long series of screenings, talks, and other activities by and for the artist, April 17-22, 1995. This zine was published by the San Francisco Cinematheque and very few copies exist. Contains photographs, journals, letters, and criticism, including original writing. Edited by Timoleon Wilkins.
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